Train like a warrior

A full contact combat sport with a combination of multiple lethal martial arts challenging your stamina, strength and endurance together.

Train your ego and your muscle under n a real Life blood fighter with a full line of cardio and circuit training equipment

So knock your fat out ,the way warriors do.


Bring out the athlete

A mixture of weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio exercises in a combination of high intensity interval training, always varied, always changing, always delivering results.

At 9th gear,

Gear up with every possible crossfit equipment and elite coaches to feel a strength you have never known before.

Be too fit to quit, commit to crossfit


From rigid to regress

A combination of basic functional movement pattern like push,pull,hinge,squat,rotate etc. To boost the strength, stability,mobility and endurance you need tothrive on your move in daily life and sport.

Here we mix it up with the state of art equipment (kinesis) to deliver a hybrid training and conditioning program.

As we say

Adapt,overcome and improvise


The lone wolf was a myth

Group Fitness workouts have proven extremely effective owing to peer competition and coordination.

At 9th gear,

We know that the chain is as strong as its weakest link. And that is where our focus lies. Dedicating a spacious studio to group activiteis like Zumba, Yoga and Pilates

Three cheers to Health and Harmony


Might of Metal

Common form of strength training using weights against gravity to increase the strength and size of skeletal muscles and get that chiseled contour.

At 9th gear,

Train harder, train smarter with the right form and technique to achieve that razor sharp definition.

Strain your Muscle, NOT your Mind.