Who we are?

A premium fitness club spread over 8000sq.ft which provides you with a facility like none other with a host of dedicated sections to Cardio, Strength training, Free weights, Functional training, Cross Fit, Mixed Martial Arts, Plyometric , Calisthenics and a studio for yoga, zumba and aerobics coupled with a luxurious Spa.

At 9th Gear you train with state of the art equipment and elite coaches who will help you fulfill your fitness endeavors.

Our Methodology

To provide a highly motivating environment in our non- franchised fitness club with complete focus on customer service and satisfaction. We back it up with superior coaching, programming and knowledge of effective fitness programs would be a combination of progressions and variations.

Progression implies that you must continually increase the magnitude or intensity of the training stimulus above that which you are accustomed to. Progression can be applied by changing your training frequency, number of exercises, difficulty of exercises, number of sets, or any combination of the above. The most frequently used method of progression is to regularly increase the weight you lift on each exercise.

Variation, on the other hand, is the process where you change something in your workout program to expose your body to an entirely new training stimulus. This can be done by altering exercise choice, frequency, load, volume, dimensions & rest periods. Having variation in a training program will ensure consistent performance improvements, lower the risks of over-use injuries and prevent overtraining, alleviate boredom, and help maintain training intensity.

Addition to this we have luxurious spa to heal your mind as well as soul. The soothing lighting, splendid artifacts, sound of flowing water and soft music will immediately put one at ease and transport into a world of serenity and tranquility.

9Th Gear Gym is the #best_gym_in_Mulund.