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Easy Five Tips to create a healthy Habit

4 months are already gone and how are those New Year resolutions going? Not sure? This year we make it easy for you to forget resolutions and make them your goal to create a healthy habit instead. Healthy eating and exercise should be a part of your daily routine and not something that you are forced to do just because you feel guilty that “You should be doing it”.
We at 9th gear Fitness club, makes it easy for with these tips that will help you to create healthy habit this year.

1. Pick only one thing and start with small step.
Many of us try to pick multiple things all at one time and end up getting burdened with it. Being the best Fitness Club in Mulund we have always come across such clients. It is always motivational and easy to start with one thing and takes small steps. For example “I will go to the gym three days a week”. Avoid planning task with options like “I am going to east healthy breakfast or only Drink Green tea and go to the Gym”.

2. Share it with your friends and family
Share it with your friends and family. Let them know about the healthy change that you are taking this year. This will inspire them and they too will join you. You’ll both better off for it. Encourage your friends to enroll for marathon training or dance fitness that will motivate both of you.

3. Make an impressive plan
Set yourself for success. If you are starting new routine, always look to fit it in your schedule. Prioritize your time and block the calendar accordingly. Nothing else should come up during your workout time. If it’s your new eating habit them make sure your kitchen is stocked with essential supplies and remove the rest to avoid temptation.

4. Reward yourself
Succeeded to gym for two weeks? Had a hard time with Cardio, weight training, crossfit , or mixed martial arts; its Time to reward yourself with new workout outfit or new running shoes. We at 9th gear fitness club in Mulund, always suggest this to motivate yourself. Had green smoothie every morning during the week? Time to treat yourself with the brunch with family.

5. Work on your goal till 30 days
Change does not happen overnight. It takes time and results are seen gradually. Stay consistent with your habit for at least 30 days. This is a good period of time for most of people to see the shift in behavior and get hooked on their new habits.

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