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Look in the Mirror, thats your competition! #9thGearFitnessClub #Gym #Mulund

What is Plyometrics? Plyometrics aka ‘Jump Training ‘ or ‘Plyos’ by definition means a form of exercise that involves rapid and repeated Stretching & Contracting of muscle, Designed to enhance your fitness level for improvement in performance sport. Plyometrics in general sense means ‘Impact Based Explosive Exercises’ deviced to enhance power, Strength, Endurance, Aerobic Capacity…

“PERIODIZATION”; Decoding the Anatomy of Workout Science? How to Workout Correctly? •As Body is not just made up of Muscles, Decoding the correct structure of workout has also to do with understanding the ‘Anatomy & Functioning’ of your body. ■ ANATOMY OF WORKOUT. 1▪ JOINT MOBILISATION. 2▪ GLUTE & CORE ACTIVATION. 3▪ WARM UP ….

FASTED CARDIO ? In simple term it refers to ‘Empty Stomach Cardio Training’ Idea is to do cardio in absence of Insulin or any food processing activity going on in body while you train, In absense of Insulin. Research shows that “Fasted Cardio” is a unique way to fat loss as fasted state increases both…

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You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside. Happy Yoga Day #9thGearFitnessClub #Mulund #InternationalYogaDay

Stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happen. #9thgearianandproud #9thGear #FitnessClub #Mumbai #Mulund

Give CrossFit & Functional Training a try if you are tired of Regular Gymming Crossfitter and Blogger.. This is kinda becoming a cult at 9th Gear..Superb work by Vijalesh..Very insightful.. #crossfit #blog #fitnessblog #9thgearfitnessclub #gymsinmulund #crossfitinmulund

Happiness does not lie in happiness, but in the achievement of it.#9thGearian #Proud #Fitnessclub #Mulund #Mumbai

Awesome job Mr. Canute Fernandes !!..came across your blog on Crossfit.. Really gives you a decent insight into the world of CROSSFIT. Loved the pics!! One of our most sincere crossfitters #crossfit #fitnessblog #crossfitblog #lifestyle #gym #9thgearfitnessclub #gymsinmulund

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