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ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE BENEFITS OF AGILITY TRAINING , IS IT NECESSARY FOR AN ATHLETE? Sport coaches may have difficulty bridging the gap between the application of strength, power and metabolic conditioning developed with strength training and conditioning to sport performance. Even for the athlete who will never make that Koby Bryant type move and bring the…

“PERIODIZATION”; Decoding the Anatomy of Workout Science? How to Workout Correctly? •As Body is not just made up of Muscles, Decoding the correct structure of workout has also to do with understanding the ‘Anatomy & Functioning’ of your body. ■ ANATOMY OF WORKOUT. 1▪ JOINT MOBILISATION. 2▪ GLUTE & CORE ACTIVATION. 3▪ WARM UP ….

Stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happen. #9thgearianandproud #9thGear #FitnessClub #Mumbai #Mulund

Give CrossFit & Functional Training a try if you are tired of Regular Gymming Crossfitter and Blogger.. This is kinda becoming a cult at 9th Gear..Superb work by Vijalesh..Very insightful.. #crossfit #blog #fitnessblog #9thgearfitnessclub #gymsinmulund #crossfitinmulund

Happiness does not lie in happiness, but in the achievement of it.#9thGearian #Proud #Fitnessclub #Mulund #Mumbai

Awesome job Mr. Canute Fernandes !!..came across your blog on Crossfit.. Really gives you a decent insight into the world of CROSSFIT. Loved the pics!! One of our most sincere crossfitters #crossfit #fitnessblog #crossfitblog #lifestyle #gym #9thgearfitnessclub #gymsinmulund

Bored of the routine workout? Sick and tired of waiting in line for machines in the gym? Dissatisfied with body builders trying to pose as trainers? Pissed off at the boring layout and flashy ambience of your existing gym? Visit 9th Gear Fitness Club and see for yourself whtether or not it is every bit…

Easy Five Tips to create a healthy Habit 4 months are already gone and how are those New Year resolutions going? Not sure? This year we make it easy for you to forget resolutions and make them your goal to create a healthy habit instead. Healthy eating and exercise should be a part of your…

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